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The Perfect Match

Great Taste 2011 2 Gold StarsThis Christmas, to celebrate winning a prestigious Gold Two Star Great Taste Award, Ferrero have partnered with Vinopolis, renowned for their taste expertise, to bring you this year's perfect festive taste partners!

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Vinopolis people Melanie Reeve and Tom ForrestMelanie Reeve and Tom Forrest, Vinopolis' Senior Wine Experts, have partnered each of the deliciously unique Ferrero range with an equally delectable wine – perfect for parties and sharing special moments.

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Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree BoxThe tantalizing Ferrero Rocher, with its mouthwatering layers of creamy filling, crispy wafer and a delicious whole hazelnut, enveloped in a rich layer of milk chocolate, is the perfect match for Alpha Zeta Soave 2009 (Veneto, Italy).

The light aromas of green apple, pear & almond on the finish combine with Ferrero Rocher's delicious hazelnut centre to suggest ripe peach stone, enhancing the delightful nuttiness of this unique praline treat – perfect for sharing!

Raffaello by Ferrero

Raffaello by FerreroRaffaello by Ferrero, the enchantingly tasty chocolate alternative which comes dusted with coconut snow, features a light coconut wafer, creamy interior and has a toasted almond nestled at its heart, matches perfectly with the sophisticated Lourensford Chardonnay 2010 (Stellenbosch, SA).

Partial maturation in French oak adds a toasty vanilla dimension to the wine, giving a smooth rounded mouthfeel. This lifts the coconut flavour of the Raffaello, and the crispness of the wafer adds a pleasing contrast, enough to make anyone's day.

Ferrero Rond Noir

Ferrero Rond Noir BoxThe sensual Ferrero Rond Noir, a darker, indulgent Ferrero experience with its alluring layers of delicate wafer and smooth chocolate cream, tastes divine with Errazuriz Carmenere 2010 (Aconagua Valley, Chile).

Notes of rich savoury black fruit, tobacco leaf, chocolate and toasty cedar, pair perfectly with the mild dark chocolate of the Ferrero Rond Noir, which hides a delicious dark chocolate pearl within. The warm and satisfying finish is perfect for that indulgent 'me time'!

Ferrero Collection

Ferrero Collection BoxThe classic Ferrero Collection features three deliciously different layered delights – the unique Ferrero Rocher, the darker chocolatey Ferrero Rond Noir, and the creamy and light Ferrero Garden Coconut – perfect for pleasing any taste buds.

Ferrero Collection BoxFor a unique new twist, try the new Limited Edition Ferrero Collection, featuring Ferrero's award-winning Garden Pistachio variant. Recognised by the Guild of Fine Foods for its "very light crunch" and "beautiful flavour", the delicate new Ferrero Garden Pistachio won a prestigious Gold Two Star Great Taste Award 2011.

Why not try the award-winning Ferrero Garden Pistachio with Mount Brown Pinot Gris 2009 (Waipara Valley, NZ). Spicy stone fruit and peach aromas with a hint of sweetness, suggest a hint of
cardamom spice in the Ferrero Garden Pistachio – delicious!

Ferrero Collection

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Ferrero Rocher

Delicious layers of crispy wafer and
hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate and
dressed in sparkling gold.
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